OK, crunch time. Is this a good plan(550D plus selected lenses)?

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Marc Trotter Regular Member • Posts: 278
OK, crunch time. Is this a good plan(550D plus selected lenses)?

I've been soldiering on with my Lumix ZS3 for a couple years now, and I have gotten some good shots with it and it is so convenient to always have with me. But, I aspire to be able to take some professional level photos, or as close to that as I can.

The way I am coming at this resulted from the repeated assertions on this board and Amazon that I really need to think in terms of buying into a lens SYSTEM. I know that both Canon and Nikon have a superb range of lenses, but it seems Canon has more of what I am looking for.

Regarding the camera body, I am not going to be doing a lot of PP due to lack of time, and my impression is that the out of camera jpegs will be more to my liking with Canon. (I read that Nikon jpegs are soft and need to be adjusted for) I think I read that the jpegs from the T2i are very good.

So, after studying and reading for years now, I seem to be settling on the T2i. Why not the 60D or 7D? Well, again, that goes back to the lenses and allocating more to the lenses. The reviews I read on the T2i seem to indicate that the sensor is the same, and that images from the 60D and 7D will not be significantly better in most cases.

OK, my plan:

1. T2i body only
2. Canon EF-S 17-55mm f2.8 IS USM
3. Later, one of the 70-200mm L lenses.

If I need faster lens than 2.8 for indoor or night shots, I can pick up one of the affordable 1.8 prime lenses. But my hope was that with the IS on the lens and the relatively good high ISO performance of the T2i, I might be able to go with the 17-55 for some time.

This will give me a pretty good range from 17mm to 200mm, which should cover 90% or more of the shots I might like to take. The only fly in the ointment might come up when I wanted to walk around with one lens and wish I had something like a 15-85mm or 18-135mm.

Can anybody comment and/or give alternative advice? Thanks much.

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