Tired of my Sigma 18-200 DC lens on 550

Started Dec 20, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Re: Tired of my Sigma 18-200 DC lens on 550

LSHorwitz1 wrote:

I wanted to point out that the 15-85, unlike my former Sigma 18-200, is extremely sharp when it is at its wide open aperture. Moreover, unlike my former fast prime lenses such as the Canon 50 f/1.4 with razor thin depth of focus, the 15-85 zoom has a very usable depth of focus for most portrait and other uses at its maximum (wide open) aperture.

Well, but on your fast prime ypou could close the aperture to get the same "usable" depth of focus... opening the aperture of your 15-85 in those cases where you need razor thin DoF does surely not work....

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