New 7D 24-70L 2.8 or 24-105L 4

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Re: wrong again. Or not

KariP wrote:

IS does not freeze anyone or movement

glad we agree there!

  • but combination of motion blur and a shaking camera looks terrible... taking photographs is always a compromise - i like to remove blur caused my shaking hands. Motion blur can be even artistic...

IS is nice, but if it means sacrificing half the speed to get an f/4 lens with IS vs. an f/2.8 lens without, I'll take the faster glass every time. Remember the OP was asking about basketball. At the shutter speeds you need to freeze the action (1/250 minimum, 1/500 preferred), you are not going to have camera shake with a 70mm lens. 1 stop slower means having to use twice the ISO - and that can be a dealbreaker inside a dimly lit gymnasium.

And then there is the shallow DOF challenge - f 2,8 is not so easy to use in real life.

For full body shots it's not not bad at all. The DOF is there. See my pic.

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