D7000 diffraction issues?

Started Sep 21, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Tony Beach Veteran Member • Posts: 7,848
It still isn't a problem

The problem isn't the sensor, it's the lenses.

Steinar Kibsgaard wrote:

Thom Hogan:


Yep, 16mp is better than 12mp. Mostly. Poor lenses start showing just how poor they are with this level of pixel density, and you definitely need to watch to make sure that diffraction doesn't start robbing back much of what you gained. For a 19" print, for example, you'll see clear diffraction impacts starting at somewhere around f/9 or f/10, depending upon your viewing distance and eyesight.......


Read on: "You can't tell that on the 12mp cameras," so shooting up to f/8 you will get more resolution from the D7000 than from Nikon's 12 MP DSLRs.

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