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Re: tripod

Some people seem to have the gift of steady hands. Others like me have a tough time. One thing I've used that helps a lot and doesn't have a big footprint on the ground is a monopod. It steadies me for vertical movement and even helps laterally. Plus the one I have will telescope the camera right to eye level (I'm about 5'10") and collapses to not much over a foot long.

Another thing I carry along is a small beanbag. It conforms to and protects the camera and dampens out movement. You can use it on top of fence posts, rocks vehicle hoods and roofs, etc. One day when my wife was along and my monopod wasn't, I put the beanbag on top of her head for a telephoto shot. She wasn't too pleased but I got a decent photo.

I used to see chest pods in the camera magazines. They strapped around the neck, rested on the chest and were adjustable to bring the camera to eye level.

I'm sure there are some other neat things out there and would love to hear about them. Point is that I think there are things that help without being intrusive or cumbersome.


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