E-5 Raw noise performance = E-30/ ballpark E-3's

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Re: Not even that is true...

Tbolt47 wrote:

luisflorit wrote:

Could you post a RAW sample showing this? I see quite the opposite. Go here, and compare the GH2 and E5 RAWs at all ISOs (look at the lady's head to check detail):



As discussed in another thread the shot of the Queens head in the E-5 seems to be lacking detail for some reason - bring up the EPL-1 image and you will see there is more detail there than the GH2, the E-5 and the K-5. The EPL-1 image I what I would expect from the E-5 and looking on page 20 of the K-5 review shows slightly less detail in the E-5 shots than the EPL-1 shots, though this could just be down to how the test was done, different aperture or poor focusing.

Just brought them up like you suggested. There is something laughable wrong with those E5 results compared to the EPL-1. DPR need to run these tests again. Either the camera or lens is faulty or a mistake was made in the test and no one has spotted it.

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