Which is better with a reversing ring...

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Re: Thanks Vitto

VittoDigital wrote:

You're welcome.

BTW even if the reversing ring is the cheapest solution for macro, you have to fight with the very thin DOF it provides. That means: IQ sufficent for flat targets but so-so for 3D small subjects (focusing properly coul be a challenge).

You can achieve a much better IQ by using, as Marianne suggested, a reversed lens on a bellows ( much easyer to focus, too).
Take care
Lol, I need an upgrade, my Nikon D6x is a too limited gear!

I don't understand how come you get better IQ with the reverse lens+bellows compared to only using the lens reversed? In my experience with extension tubes (same effect as bellows?) the DOF becomes very thin, I couldn't get a grain of sugar to be completely in focus no matter what aperture I used.

Or did you mean that it's easier to do focus stacking with the bellows?

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