K-5 Review posted, with E-5 comparison samples

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Re: How about the dustbuster and the IS ?

Rriley wrote:

you see heres the thing

wtf can go around the place saying what it likes about people, b/se the nick is expendable. Whereas we, or in this case I, cant really say stuff like that b/se i might suffer the penalty of being banned, something not a problem for wtf.

Rriley, seriously, I would be hard pressed to think of something you might say that you haven't already said many times over that would get you banned. Or were you just being facetious?

You have nothing to worry from me -- I don't click "the button". Doing that risks me losing the post to link to, and I'd much rather link to stuff than have it pulled, as you well know.

So i cant say to it 'you gutless POS a$$hole you would never get away with that IRL etc etc, not that i would dare say that of course, just an example.

See what I mean? You're good to go. Please, just type it as it comes to you. I promise not to file. I didn't even file for that slanderous quip about the Mexicans. Say, next time we go at it, tell me what that was all about. I really have no clue what it was that you "heard".

its a sock puppet
a nick controlled by one of the people that comes here to argue all the time

they use them to inflame and troll, b/se when theyre detected and banned, they still have their original nick

For the record, I don't know who any of them are, sock puppet or otherwise. But, whatever his sins were, it was all worth it to see that pic below -- absolutely classic! Hey, wtf -- make that pic your gravatar!

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