D5000 tips and habits? What do you shoot?

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Re: D5000 tips and habits? What do you shoot?

The D5000 was and is our only DSLR, and it's used for travel photography when we are out and about, and birds and the occasional bug when home.

No real nits with it, except that there is nothing longer than the 70 300 VR for this in an accessible range and weight. May get the 80-400 replacement if and when it appears, or another body to work with the current 80-400 VR or 100-400L IS.

No real tips , i just put it on aperture priority, and have the fn button programmed to change ISO. Focus is always continuous and on centre point for us.

One thing, if you are missing DoF preview and can work with manual focusing, one way to turn a firmware quirk to your advantage would be to set an aperture and go into live view, I believe the lens is stopped down to that aperture for the live view. (If you change aperture after going into Lv, it doesn't affect the lens until you take a picture or stop Lv and go into it again.) Please correct me if I am wrong on this!

You can check the results we (my Father and me) have got at the flickr link below!

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