Is this a lens or camera problem????

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Is this a lens or camera problem????

I am having the worst of luck with Fuji S5's so I am really hoping that my brand new lens is going bad, not the camera.

I was out in the city of Nanjing carrying my S5 Pro. Mounted on this was the Tamron 17-50 2.8 (non VC version). I have had this set up for few months without incident.

I found that in some instances, the camera would refuse to fire. Closer examination found that the aperture was reported as being f/0. I shoot in A mode all the time. It seems that the autofocus does not work when this happens. I can hit the button, but no autofocusing happens and the camera just refuses to work properly. The viewfinder and LCD panel work fine and are not locked up.

To recover from this, I switch the camera on and off. Usually it goes back to normal but as the weekend progressed, it often took 2 on and offs to get working again. Later, I found that the camera would refuse to fire even when an aperture value was reported. This was much rarer. Again, switching on and off helped.

Also, sometimes the camera would fire with an aperture of f/0. This resulted in a black image. No light at all.

Finally, a few times I fixed the problem a different way. Instead of turning the camera off, I removed the lens and replaced it. This also fixed the problem.

I only had this one lens with me the entire weekend so it was impossible for me to switch lens to see if the problem still happens. Now that I am at home, I will replace the Tamron with my 35mm f/1.8 lens and see what happens.

I can't believe how miserable my luck has been since I have tried to switch to Fuji.

This camera only has 10,000 shots on it!!!

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