On scale of 1-10, how would you rate S95's image quality?

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Re: Rate S90's image quality?

For longer reach and less serious work I use the Panasonic FZ35 (18X optical) but I find the S95's output much better, cleaner at LOW ISO's.

By the way I love your avatar. Where's the bigger version of that pic ?

AdamT wrote:

I've had a Fuji F30 for years and honestly it's been resting in the cupboard since the S95 arrived. I much much prefer the JPG's I get from the S95 at low ISO's.

Well, they're 28mm , have way way less PF and you get F2 and an image stabilizer, it'd have to be a pretty desperate situation for me to switch mine from RAW to JPG though - for JPG snaps I use the TZ65 (like a TZ7 but with SVGA movies and Fuji Colour) which at least does 25-300mm..

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