E-5 Raw noise performance = E-30/ ballpark E-3's

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Re: Not even that is true...

Not even this is true. Go here, and look the comparison pictures:


The E5 NR is so strong that destroyed all detail. Competition JPG is better at ISO1600, at least under default settings.

The test demonstrates one setting for noise reduction. The camera has several settings. If you don't like those you can turn it off and use a separate noise reduction program which will give much better results. If your worried about this though why are you looking at the GH2 which has far more noise reduction done in camera compared to the E5. The high iso jpegs from the GH2 are dreadful with a huge loss of detail.

Sorry, perhaps I was not clear enough. What I tried to say is that I don't care about JPG samples, like the one here, much less if NR is applied, since fine detail is destroyed. And, sadly, 95% of the pictures posted in this forum trying to prove how marvellous the E5 is at high ISOs are OOC JPGs with lots of NR. What you suggest is what I do: shoot RAW and do NR in PPing.

Even on the RAW files you can clearly see in camera reduction is still going to a lesser extent than the jpegs because the detail level is still quite poor.

Could you post a RAW sample showing this? I see quite the opposite. Go here, and compare the GH2 and E5 RAWs at all ISOs (look at the lady's head to check detail):



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