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My take

I have both the A700 and A850, and mainly shoot birds. I was at one time anti-full frame, felt the crop factor helped with the ASP-c sensor, and thought that in camera framing, as opposed to post-processing cropping, was best. I have changed my mind. Composition, it turns out, sometimes takes a bit of thought, and often very quick compositional decisions, that can't easily be changed in post-processing, need to be made with the ASP-c sensor. With FF and there is much more leeway so better cropping ideas can be tried latter. This is especially usefull with rule of thirds and other compositional frameworks. Also I've seen far fewer clipped wings in flight captures.

The biggest difference, and I'm not sure it is a function of sensor size, is the A850 has a wider dynamic range. I usually shoot manually and push exposure to deal with noise, and deal with clipped highlights in ACR. The extra dynamic range means that I can overexpose more than with the A700 and still recover the clipped highlights. Of course exposure is corrected in post processing, but since I've essentially shifted the histogram to the right, the dark parts of the image, where most digital noise occurs, are just not there, and when shifted back in PP there is much less noise.

I need to caution that this only works in low contrast light(overcast, cloudy) because the light's dynamic range is smaller in the first place. High contrast light allows very little "overexposure" and clipped highlights are often not recoverable.
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