DA 35mm macro F2.8 vs DA 40mm F2.8- feedback please...

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DA 35mm macro F2.8 vs DA 40mm F2.8- feedback please...

so, if I was going to get a pancake between these two, I am inclined to go for the Macro because it has a focal length more appealing to me and also because it's a macro.

The idea is to carry 3 pancakes (70, 22 and 35 macro) and "have it all" (i..e can do macro). But I keep hearing the 40mm focuses super fast and is super sharp. The macro apparenlty is super sharp but not so hot on the focusing.

Any feedback? For those who have done street life, you find you prefer the 40mm over the 22 altogether? You find the macro unacceptably slow?


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