E-5 Raw noise performance = E-30/ ballpark E-3's

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Why is there are real advantage...

...if you are just a jpeg shooter?

I mainly shoot RAW and at the moment I develop my pictures in Viewer as TIFF's. Surely the E5 images will give me a sharper image than the 620/E30 although the same noise level, so I will have to add less sharpening and the noise will not show up as much and I can either apply more NR to get the same level of detail as the 620/E30 image or less NR and have the same amount of noise in the final image but with more detail. What's not better about that?

I don't expect a massive change from the same sensor but it certainly will make a difference. I'm not about the jump ship which would cost a lot of money when we don't know what Oly are going to give us over the next couple of years.

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