E-5 Raw noise performance = E-30/ ballpark E-3's

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Re: Flawed reasoning? Where?

Raist3d wrote:

John Mason wrote:

the end result is 1 to 1.5 stops better after your choice of best PP because of the increased detail

The end result is better because of better PP period, more than anything else. Extra detail helps a bit but not 1 to 1.5 stops. You could see better processing between the first Pen and the E_PL1 for example and the difference in weaker AA between them wasn't that big.

But in real world use it is.

And when you read all of the above that's why the people that actual own and use both cameras are getting lower noise results with more detail from the e5 than their E30 (in my case).

Not really, here we have yet another independent test that corroborates that magic doesn't happen. It's not like I haven't seen E-5 raw files anyway.

No the test does not show that because it does not use a real world workflow. It's not even a full workflow or correct one. Seeing a E5 Raw does not really mean anything.

If you are looking at ooc jpegs the E5's are better because the in camera NR is more effective - also because of the weaker AA filter.

Yes, something that shows up very well at low iso.

If you are using a raw workflow, the same holds true.

Yes, for notable extra detail at low iso.

In my case I did careful comparisons between the E30 and E5 with no sharpening and the pattern to the noise is much different. This also results in a much better final result after any real life work flow.

But I'm sure we will see this same post rotate around again stating the noise is the same so the E5 can't be better or some such non-sense. If the noise is the same (even though the pattern is not) in some measurement that ignores the factors of detail and type of noise which completely relate to the final result. I could agree with your premise and disagree with your conclusion. It's not surprising this theme keeps being postulated by someone that does not have both cameras they are comparing but just staring at downloaded raws.

I don't know if you checked the review here but this is pretty much using ACR for all cameras and you can see the results for yourself.

In the real world you don't apply the same settings to different camera models if you want to get the best out of each one.

You may think that's valid. But it's not as valid as having both cameras on a tripod using the same raw converter in the same lighting and seeing the difference.

Hmm isn't that sort of what the linked review did?

The last time this post was going, the samples that were put up showed the noise was of a totally different nature. But the posters didn't seem to notice this.

Actually that's not true. The last time this was going on someone fooled the E-30 to be an E-5, and the processing changed dramatically in the noise. It's true the E-5 extra detail helps but not as much as 1 stop to 1.5 stops.

Oh well.


My last waste of my time comment on another of these waste of time posts.

All in all a pretty meaningless post - again. (I think this is at least the 3rd time I've seen a similar themed thread)

There's a difference- there was another review (the one I linked) that showed this rather well comparing Olympus cameras using ACR (RAW). Everyone can see it for themselves. Not sure what's faulty about that.

The fact it goes with what DXo said makes it a connect the dots game...

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