E-5 Raw noise performance = E-30/ ballpark E-3's

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Re: But isn't that what this review did? (n/t)

Raist3d wrote:

No the review did not do that. It is not a real world workflow. The input sharpening used in their Raw test is not even applied using the Raw converter. With more detailed files coming out of the E5 that allows more NR to be applied if you so wish. Reviews like DPRs are all well and good if your into pixel peeping but what they don't tell you is what the cameras files are like on final prints or even viewed on the internet. Until you take a file and apply input sharpening, noise reduction, do any required PP, resize it and then apply output sharpening you don't really know what the camera is capable of. I would never buy a camera on the strength of a DPR review or one like it as it does not tell me what the camera is fully capable of. Nothing beats owning the different cameras or going to a shop or hiring and putting a card in all the ones your interested in and then using your full workflow back at home or in the studio. Then you can see what the camera is really capable of.

Stu 5 wrote:

John Mason wrote:

the end result is 1 to 1.5 stops better after your choice of best PP because of the increased detail

Exactly. It's quite simple why the results will be better than the E30 in real world use. You can't just compare sample images. You need to go through the whole workflow to final finished image. Then you see the E5 is better because you are starting off with a file that as more detail.

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