Thinking about a 7D - when is mk II coming out?

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I liked the 7D so much I now have two!

Well, I couldn't wait to get a second 7D!

I saw that Canon were selling off some refurbished 7D's on eBay so I put a bid in and got one for a good price.

I can't tell it from a new one! I don't know if they replaced the "outer" case of the camera, but I have looked really hard and can't see a scratch or mark or anything. No marks around the tripod mount screw, no dust under the flash, no marks around the CF card door, no signs of any marks around the USB connection. In fact no dust under the covers at all just like new. Even the flash hot shoe looks pristine and no marks on the screen or the lens mount. The only thing that says it has been used is the image numbering was on 5010. So it has seen just over 5000 clicks which for a 150,000 click shutter is hardly run in I would have thought.

I even checked inside the mirror box for dust or hairs, nothing! Plus it was advertised as just a refurbished body, yet it came with an 18-135 IS lens! Now not the greatest lens in the world but hey when you are not expecting it it's a bit of a bonus!

I am well chuffed, so now I can leave one body on my big telephoto all the time and have this second body with my other lenses.

I will be putting my 450D up on eBay in the new year I think, as that was my standby. That is unless the wife fancies upgrading to it from the 300D she is currently using?

Did you ever stop to think, and forget to start again?

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