Anyone shot the 35 1.8 AFS DX lens with fuji s3pro?

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Re: Anyone shot the 35 1.8 AFS DX lens with fuji s3pro?

stopshoot wrote:

Just out of interest how do you find the s3pro compared to modern cameras as he seems to love his despite me offering him the use of the office canon and nikon full framers.

Fuji's sure have "that something" that no other cameras I've shot with have. I haven't used any full frame Nikon DSLRs (only "FF" I have are couple film bodies), but I've shot with D40, D50, D60, D70, D80, D90 & D7000 and I must admit that I like the output from my Fuji's (S3 & S5) way more than any other cameras I've shot with. But then again I mostly shoot JPEG's (mostly for web use and small print) and mostly just for fun.

But let's face it, S3 is really slow camera and it surely has it's cons when compared to more modern cameras. When I want to just enjoy photography slowly, I use S3 or my film bodies. Especially color reproduction and DR are excellent in Fuji bodies. Otherwise I reach for the other bodies I have in my use in case I need more speed, better ISO performance, absolute sharpness, better handling, better AF, etc.

So basically it comes down to one's shooting style, what you shoot and what you emphasize in your photography. If you have the time, shoot with patience and want to use mostly SOOC Jpeg's with minimal PP, there's no camera like Fuji S_ Pro.

And Happy Holidays to you (and to your Fujista-friend) too!

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