E-5 Raw noise performance = E-30/ ballpark E-3's

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Re: 4 arguments Re: I am all ears to a reasonable argument.

Mr.NoFlash wrote:

Raist3d wrote:

I am all ears to a reasonable argument.

1. stimmer has the cameras, read his words

Very flawed argument. Contrary to what some may think I have had access to the E-5, the RAWS and moreover, you can't count a priori for unbiased review of a camera with enthusiastic owners as a given. I am not saying it's useless data, but that's what reviews are also for.

2. the JPGs in the K-5 dpreview and reviewed in the colorfoto say, that E-5 is as good or better than APS-Nikons/Canons. Do Nikon and Canon have such a bad JPG engine ? I think not.

Actually they do, compared to Olympus in some ways. Reviewing JPEGS in that sense is meaningless but you continue to use it as a "so the sensor must be better somehow." Of course that completely flies in the face of Olympus own claim that it's the same sensor. You can do tweaks around it but the fundamental device that gets light is the sensor.

( ok, Pentax is currently the leader, but our discussion was, if E-5 raw noise is better than E-3/E-30 raw noise )

3. We discussed in that other thread the same theme. Here a poster named mfbernstein posted a lot of raw-converted E-30 / E-5 images to prove that the E-5 is not better. After some discussion I found out, the images were intentionally misleading, because the part of the image had a background with a noise-like looking structure, and on first look we all thought that would be sensor noise. To use such images to prove some point shows, its necessary to cheat, if you want to prove that the E-5 raws are not better. mfbernstein then deleted the images from the discussion instead of replying to my findings, that the images were misleading.

That's really odd. Not sure how he did mislead anyone, what is equal is no advantage. Moreover, wasn't Olympus viewer fooled into getting an E-30 raw into an E-5 or such and get better processing or the E-5 as E-30 and all of a sudden more noise shows up?

4. My argument still is, that some raw converters misinterpret the high-detail of the E-5 as noise.

And does that include Olympus own converter?



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