E-5 Raw noise performance = E-30/ ballpark E-3's

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Re: E-5 Raw noise performance = E-30/ ballpark E-3's

Hmm, at 1,600 the E-5 is considerably sharper, and at 3,200 the coarse noise of the E-30 obliterates detail, whereas the fine grain noise in the E-5 picture retains detail. And the E-3 is already a mess at 1,600.

Not sure about 1-stop advantage or whatever, but considerably better than the E-30 in my eyes.

Raist3d wrote:


Another website that compared raws and says that the E-5 performance is ballpark that of the E-3 and pretty similar to E-30 (I say too similar ).

Just what DXo said, but of course, here DXo has a bad rep for some reason. So much again for the "wow, 1 stop better" improvements and what nots.

Every single "great Capture one/LightRoom/Aperture/SilkyPix/Whatever" trick that is making the E-5 shine in the eyes of those who think it really does better noise reduction can be done/applied to the E-30. If it isn't that's the RAW converter's fault for not updating their algorithms for the E-30.

Of course E-5's JPEG engine rules supreme, and at least the weaker AA filter provides a bit more detail at the high ISO, and much more detail at the low ISO's.

RAW shooters beware: You aren't getting anything much more new over your E-30 if you have one, and over the E-3 you get better banding control but even this review found banding for the E_5 (though if I had to guess it's probably still pretty mild and their dark frame subtraction test is a "worst case" that reveals this much more than just using in real life normal shooting).

DXo, and now this. Oh and mfbernstein when he posted it over a month ago now.

For those who think I am just trying to be a jerk or such: no, if you like your E-5 that's just great. If you know what you are getting and love it by all means. I just want to dispel the whole "1 stop better sensor performance by tweaks of the same sensor" non sense that is running around, when people compare just jPEGS. Of course if you are just a JPEG shooter, that's a real advantage.

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