Jpg users, why?

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Seshadri C wrote:

Abie wrote:

That's true.

Here's something for you to consider. If you were to take two equally skilled photographers, and one is shooting in RAW, not having to worry overly much about 3-4 extra variables such as white balance, and not having to worry about being right on target for exposure (knowing he can adjust plus or minus up to 1 or two stops later), and the other having to worry about all of these plus the traditional factors, and each photographer has to shoot at the rate of, say, 5-10 shots a minute, which do you think will usually end up with better shots?

How are two photographers equally skilled if one of them is not bothered setting the correct settings for WB, exposure and the other 1-2 two extra variables you are talking about?

Isn't it very obvious that if one can deal with certain factors later, and be able to concentrate on fewer variables now, that one will have a better product?

We are so spoilt (because of technology) that we often take things for granted and prefer dealing with issues later (not only in photography). Why not take the factors as a challenge (if it is that daunting) and care to use the correct settings on the field? I agree that the ability to shoot RAW in certain circumstances can be a life saver, but to say that JPEG shooters are lazy, is as wrong as saying that RAW shooters are bad photographers.

Is JPG some kind of religion?

Is RAW some kind of religion?

Well said

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