after 1 week, D7000 went back

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Anatomy of a hijack

John King wrote:

It looks like hijacking to almost everyone else except you and the other members of the four stooges ...

The 'hijack' started here with a post by 'papillon_65' asking why the OP was getting stick.

The post perplexed me, because I didn't see the OP getting any stick. I read through the whole thread to check. The only thing I saw was a little dispute about the morality of returning his camera. I posted as much here:
That engendered two replies, one from pap

which was a piece of puerile behaviour not worth bothering about, and one from 'boggis':

which seemed to be written from the point of view that I was criticising the OP (which I wasn't) and raised the issue of pap's previous indiscretion with respect to his general put-down of Pentax zoom lenses.
This response engendered a response from me clarifying what I'd said,

which resulted in a somwhat sour but generally to the ;point discussion which lasted a few posts, but you felt the need to enter and inflame:

And a response from Joe taking on the technical points which 'boggis' had raised about pap's Pentax indiscretion and correcting some of the misrepresentation in 'boggis' post:

There followed a long and vituperative diversion including gratuitous attack posts
from 'Riley':
accusing him of being a 'fraud'.
from yourself directed at Sergey:
from yourself directed at Joe:

Of course, the victims of these gratuitous attack posts felt they were allowed to respond.

So, if a hijacking there has been, I think you, 'Riley', 'boggis' and 'papillon_65' have to shoulder some of the responsibility.

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