What do we see or want to see.

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What do we see or want to see.

What we see or want to see. Its late in the year so maybe I am feeling more mellow and looking at things the way I should and not want to. The last few months on this site have been a bit rough with things going up and then dramatically down. Like “Oh Olympus has deserted us “ , “Then Oh what a wonder full camera ” Then the DXO BS thread which got rather tacky. There is a current thread out where a whole lot of people are looking for banding at 6400 ISO (Bad light) with half seeing nothing and the other half not sure. Jeeeez I can see nothing and maybe I need to have my annual eye check

What brought this post on. Two things one was Entropius post on how he made some one happy. http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1022&message=37207878

And the other a visit to one of my shooting grounds yesterday.

It was a public holiday yesterday so I went down to Intaka Island http://www.intaka.co.za/ they have just finished very expensive and major changes to the setup. Any way I took my usual gear and went around to my usual spots. I ran into a canon shooter (D7 , 500m f/4 is) I introduced myself as Collin and we started chatting more about tricks of the trade, locations techniques etc than gear. I went my own way and he went his. I ran into him at the exit and we walked through the gallery and looked at the pictures which where canvas mounted A3 and A2 prints. We where looking at them and he pointed out which he thought where the best 5 pictures . Well 2 of them where mine. He did not know that they where mine as the picture just say’s Photographer C.Baxter no make etc. Etc.

Well I was pleasantly surprised and quite honoured. When I told he shook my hand and said well done as he had never seen a decent bishop picture before due to the red oranges and blacks and the textures of the feathers. The Malecite Kingfisher he said was special. He also said the colours where great. Well you could imagine that I looked more puffed up than the male bishop.

And the point of this.

Its’ not to brag ( Just a little bit.) but 3 of my pictures hang on the wall out of the 21. These are printed on A2 and A3 canvas box frames and really look good. These people and the management did not ask what camera I used or how many pixels or id and if the camera banded at 1600 ISO ( I will get into that later) they just liked the images.

OK so what. The really amazing thing is these where not taken with my current equipment but on the E-520 with the 70-300 and bigma early last year. I dropped off some prints last year for educational purposes and then got a request for printable files. What is even more amazing is that these where serious crops that I had to work on and upscale to 2700 pixels to print. I sent them off and then forgot about it. 2 Weeks ago I saw them and was happy about the way they came out. (I wish I had sent some more current stuff)

Bottom line is that we ( And I am a BIG culprit) are so nitpicking and pixel peeping that we don’t see the bigger picture (A2) and forget that nothing looks better printed big and in natural light. These where not fine art pictures but I was amazed at the final effect on me and others. I was always lead to believe that you can’t take “outstanding” pictures with Olympus.

( Oh there goes the bank balance again for the box frame prints )

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