Small piece of dust while viewing through the Viewfinder

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Re: Sounds like you will need to take it in

boggis the cat wrote:

brosenz wrote:

Thank you, did the blowing procedure 3 times, nothing, I think it might be inside the prism box. It seems to be closer to the small piece of glass where you put your eye (viewfinder), if I move the diopter when I see everything in the viewfinder in focus the piece of dust will be in focus as well.

If you can de-focus the dust then it should be on the mirror box side of the prism, I think. Either way, it is probably best to take it in to Olympus for service. A new camera (especially an expensive one) should not have this sort of defect.

While a bit of dust isn't a major issue, the problem is that once you know it is there it becomes a major distraction. Your eye will seek it out every time you use the viewfinder -- it's a sort of "firmware issue" with the way our brain works, I think.

That's the problem, I know it's there and it will bother me forever

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