Is canon EOS 1Ds still worth?

Started Dec 12, 2010 | Discussions thread
Gunzorro Senior Member • Posts: 1,889
Re: OP said $1200,not $800

Exactly! Thank you.

A very good condition 1Ds can be had pretty easily for $800-900. The 5D would need the BG to increase its size/weight to match. That would put the 5D close to the $1200 mark.

I have both, so I'm not hating either one. The 1Ds is newest to me, so, funnest. I'm impressed with the images, and within its limitations, it is a terrific camera.

It's weaknesses are poor high ISO and only up to ISO 1250 (800 isn't bad at all with PP), small LCD, and slightly cumbersome and outdated menu. But the features are to be had in PP with DPP, and since I favor below 400 ISO, the camera suits me fine.

And you own a fine machine with the 1Ds -- built quality is certainly far above the 5D.

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