I think I'm going to get a NEX-3 instead of NEX-5... any suggestions?

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Re: I think I'm going to get a NEX-3 instead of NEX-5... any suggestions?

iBuzz wrote:

JinZM wrote:

I've been trying to decide between the Panny LX5 and the Sony NEX-5 recently and think I'm going to get... a NEX-3 instead?

Why I wanted an LX5:

Good WA lens, small size, good picture quality - $400

Why I wanted a NEX-5

Much better photos on good lenses, it's a DSLR in a compact body - $650

I'll be using the NEX as a walk around camera, keep it around my neck or a jacket pocket. I will probably never get any bigger lenses than the pancake, or replace with future better pancakes... it seems to defeat the point of the camera.

Big decision here,

If you really want to put your camera in your jacket pocket and you just want to get one lens, get the Panny LX5. You will get a better and faster lens (f2 at 24mm), with a good focal range (24-90mm) in a small package.

Yes, the NEX will take better pictures on good lenses but is their 16mm is good enough for your needs?

This would be an easier decision if the LX5 wasn't so close in price to the NEX-3! To be honest, I don't quite feel like the LX5 is good enough to be $400, while the NEX-3 is a pretty darn good piece of DSLR body for $550 (with a lens included).

You hit it on the head though, the question I have been researching this entire time... it really does come down to LX5 vs 16mm NEX, is the NEX good enough or better with just this lens? It's a little discouraging to find so many people complaining about the 16mm, but there are also good results from it as well.

Joao Cardoso wrote

Oh and dont get the 16mm alone. If yiou have to choose a lens, choose the 18-55. > If you also like the size and focal of the 16mm, get both. To get a NEX only with the > 16mm is not a good idea imo. Unless you plan to complement it with some manual > focus lens.

I wouldn't want the 18-55 because then the camera is no longer compact and defeats the point of the NEX for me... and if I were to take a non-compact camera with me, I'd rather use the 18-200. Neither is wide enough either compared to the 24mm equivalent, which is a pretty big difference.

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