Panasonic GF1 JPEG Adjustments

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Warning Full Size Samples

Here are links to a few random full-size "standard" JPEGs straight out of camera from my new GF1. Weather has been problematic, so I don't have a very good array of shots, that being said these images IMHO clearly demonstrate that the JPEG engine of the GF1 is very good. Pictures are very sharp, with good color and tone. Keep in mind Panasonic's metering is rather conservative - something I prefer over the new consumer model of overly bright pictures out-of-the-box.

Are the colors perfect, of course not, but what SLR does produce perfect color ? My former Nikon D200/D3000 produced excellent skin tones, but rather odd blues. My Canon Rebel XSI produced rich blues and reds, but very pale skin tones. My EP1 often over saturated color and sometimes produced great skin tones and sometimes produced reddish skin tones. Of course this depended upon exposure and lighting conditions and a number of other contributing factors.

Maybe I am blind

All were shot with the Panasonic 20 1.7 wide-open.

Imo the standard jpg-settings of the GF1 (and most other Panasonic cameras) are among the worst out there. When i got my GF1 i was disappointed by the cold and lifeless colours and the "haze" which seemed to rob every life from the photos (even though i knew that before). I also wasn´t impressed with the sharpness and noise handling of the jpeg engine.

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