after 1 week, D7000 went back

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after 1 week, D7000 went back

It was an okay camera. Nothing ground breaking.


Video. Have to say the 1080 blew away the EP1's 720 that I was shooting with, even with kit lens.

Low light. Pretty good over my E3, but without good lens, I didn't get that much of an advantage.

Flash. The camera's flash was pretty nice for my kind of shooting - family and social events (non-pro). It removed the need for an external flash (for me).

Focus. Excellent. Can't really complain there.


Lenses. Probably would have kept it if I could have swapped my pricy Oly lenses for pricey Nikon lenses. So the kit lens and a 35mm 1.8 that I got didn't do the camera justice. Not the camera's fault here.

Picture quality. Have to say I like the E3 (with much better lenses) more. I did have back focus issue and had to use AF fine tuning, but that seemed to only help marginally. Biggest disappointment here.

User interface. Did not like at all. Probably too accustomed to Oly.


Will continue to search for a good camera with 1080, which I hope is the E-P1/2 successor. I actually liked the EP1 pictures more than the D7000 for some reason. Oh well, back to the drawing board.


Perhaps the GH2. E5 not in the running.

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