I think I'm going to get a NEX-3 instead of NEX-5... any suggestions?

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Re: I think I'm going to get a NEX-3 instead of NEX-5... any suggestions?

Helen wrote:

I should just point out that I thought the silver NEX 3 and NEX 5 were the exact > same colour under bright shop lights too and initially bought a NEX 3. Due to issues > with the grip size/shape not being comfortable for me (even with the case added) > with the 18-55 lens (a surprise, since I don't generally need or prefer large grips) I > later got a NEX 5 (also silver) and the colour is utterly different in normal lighting (I > still have both for now) - I much prefer the NEX 5 which matches the colour of the > lenses quite closely and also the flash, whereas the NEX 3 has a whitish/violet tinge > to its silver paintwork. At least with my examples, the NEX 5 feels more solidly built, > with none of the rattles my NEX 3 exhibits from all its hatches. Though it's a bit > "shallow" of me, I'm more pleased with it because it feels and looks like it's better-> constructed. I happen to always have preferred the more extreme styling of the NEX > 5, I suppose. I'm happier with the way the accessory port cover mates with the > flashgun on the NEX 5 also - less prone to catching on camera bags, clothing etc.

Yea I'm getting either one in Black, I have had too many silver P&S and the black will be a more serious color to walk around with I think. I'm going to play with both some more and see about rattles, thanks.

Karsten Meyer wrote:


I don't understand why you compare a LX5 with it's zoom to a NEX with that pancake lens.

I own a LX3 and a NEX, but I would never go out of the house without several focal lenghts. Either the NEX with 16 and 18-200, or with some old primes, or the LX3. I love the wide angle very much, but ONLY to have this 16mm is a big, big limitation. So I would compare a double lens kit of the NEX with the LX5. The small zoom is not that bad - compared to other kit zooms.

Best Regards,

PS: Don't forget: The LX - as every P&S - is practically silent when taking photos, the NEX makes a quite awful sound.

I've had a few cameras in the past and almost universally never use the zoom feature. Basically, 99% of my shots are taken at base wide angle. I even had a TZ1 and TZ5 with excellent 10x Zooms that didn't get zoomed much, I guess I don't really take anything like birds or stuff that would help with zoom. If this changes in the future, I think I would want another TZ camera to handle this, or whatever they're called now in the US (ZSes I believe).

I think the silent thing can be very useful sometime, so that's a good point. I'll have to ponder if this is a large drawback.

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