I think I'm going to get a NEX-3 instead of NEX-5... any suggestions?

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I think I'm going to get a NEX-3 instead of NEX-5... any suggestions?

I've been trying to decide between the Panny LX5 and the Sony NEX-5 recently and think I'm going to get... a NEX-3 instead?

Why I wanted an LX5:

Good WA lens, small size, good picture quality - $400

Why I wanted a NEX-5

Much better photos on good lenses, it's a DSLR in a compact body - $650

The one thing that turned me off from the NEX is of course the mixed reviews (lots of negatives) on the 16mm pancake. This will be the only lens I will be using unless Zeiss releases a similarly wide and better pancake. However, after reading lots of threads, it seems to be able and some people can get some good pictures out of them, so I'll just hope for a good sample.

Anyway, now here's why I'm now looking at a NEX-3:

  • It's thinner? but slightly taller

  • Lenses fit the body as opposed to being bigger

  • Material wise I can't tell the difference in person. I actually thought the NEX-3 was a NEX-5 until the sales guy brought out the NEX-5, so the plastic NEX-3 body is definitely a good composition.

  • I don't even watch native 1080p TV or movies, don't see the need to shoot in 1080

  • IR remote - never going to use this feature

Am I missing anything here, or is the NEX-3 the better choice for me? I actually much prefer the body and styling (especially the lens protrusion which bothers me about the NEX-5) and there doesn't seem to be any other differences that I can tell.

I'll be using the NEX as a walk around camera, keep it around my neck or a jacket pocket. I will probably never get any bigger lenses than the pancake, or replace with future better pancakes... it seems to defeat the point of the camera.

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