Photoshop CS5: Curves - Correcting Color and contrast

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Re: Photoshop CS5: Curves - Correcting Color and contrast

Exactly Robert and thank you for summing up what I thought was obvious in the video, but clearly some people don't get


RobertBarnett wrote:

White areas can have a color cast but that is a strictly artistic thing because white with say a red or yellow color cast is no longer white but pale pink or yellow. The eye dropper and the user of that tools assumes and rightly so that when you click on a white area of your image with that tool that you want it to be actually white and not some other color otherwise you wouldn't be using that tool. The same with the black eye dropper you want it 100% black and not a dark shade of gray or a dark shade of some other color.

If you want that pink, yellow, blue or whatever then you don't use that tool. That is like asking why did a person use the sharpening filter when you don't want to sharpen. If you don't want to do something that a tool does then you don't use it. You use something that gives you what you want.

The tutorial is just trying to show you have to use the tools and what they do.


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