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what ever made you think that advertising images

or press images were free and not covered under copyright law??????

Try using an ad photo Disney uses...or CocaCola, or Harley ......they will be all over you with a ton of bricks. Try pirating photos from an AP or Reuters photographer and you will likewise get a bill for usage.....

What the heck made you think press and advertising photos could be freely used by anyone????

appears they don't teach morals in school anymore at all....heck people buy papers for their grades these days without realizing it really isn't right....what else should I have thought....plagiarism?? infringement? stealing? I am afraid a whole generation has lost the ability to see beyond their immediate personal wants/ realize that they don't have some rights even "if they can"......

Being able to drive a car 120 mph doesn't make it legal...

Being able to kill someone because you own a gun doesn't make it legal or socially acceptable.
Being able to drink doesn't make us allow 12 year olds to use alcohol....

Being mature enough for sex at the age of 12, doesn't make our society make it legal to engage in sex with 12 year olds.....

Responsibility, morals, and knowledge of the laws in the society one lives in is something society requires us to understand as adults to play in the game of life....There are laws governing intellectual property on the books.....and society has an expectation that all members learn and abide by those laws.....for heavens sake, grow up.

It isn't that big a deal to expect users to understand and abide the just isn't that hard.

"If I didn't make it....and I found it anywhere....I need to find the maker, and get their permission if I want to use it, and then credit them if I do use it." Why is that so hard to understand?????
Richard Katris aka Chanan

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