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Richard Katris Veteran Member • Posts: 4,421
think rationally...

by your reasoning we should make car theft legal because it can be done......

The law is clear on this...the public tends to be ignorant of the law.....the person who publishes an image or copies content is under a legal obligation to obtain the permission of the authors prior to using the content.

I really don't think that is that hard a concept to understand...and if you are correct and we should just do away with ownership interests in all intellectual property rights....say goodby to alot of companies and industries....

You think the world is in a mess today economically? Throw out intellectual property ownership and we really would be in a mess.

Software industry....dead
Movie industry ....dead
Book industry....dead
anything that is copyrighted or patented....dead

that about covers everything except government bureaucracy.....and what are they going to run on after they have killed off all industry by doing away with intellectual property rights?

Please do think rationally.
Richard Katris aka Chanan

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