The real d7k letdown.

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Randy Z Senior Member • Posts: 2,559
The real d7k letdown.

Is it just me?

I've never seen a company engineer a strategy to drive loyal loving lifetime customers to blind raging hate in a matter of hours like Nikon has just done.

Maybe I'm exaggerating just a little, but wow! I received my D7000 today and really enjoyed shooting with it this afternoon, but I really don't know how the pix look. They look pretty good on the cam's LCD, but I just learned that Nikon has invented a camera that specifically will not download its pictures to my computer!?!?

What a brilliant feature! Huh?! I have three other Nikons on my desk both more and less expensive, and I can download the pix files from the cameras to my computer. I suppose I could buy a reader, but I really don't want to buy, futz with, or keep track of one. And there is this cable that came with the camera, jeez, you'd think it would . . . guess again.

Ahh, they want me to use their software to download them -- maybe they think I need a time-killer like launching an app to download my freaking pix.

Well, no, that's not it, the junk won't even install. It froze and crashed my computer 10 minutes into the install the first time, and 35 minutes into the install (!!??!!) the second time. It also re-configured just about every aspect of my system on its way to crashing.

Any ideas?

How about an open letter to Nikon:

"Nikon, stop that sh*t right now!"


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