First Pictures with LX5 - (help.?)

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First Pictures with LX5 - (help.?)

I was gifted with my LX5 a few weeks ago and haven't had too much time to read the entire manual or experiment.

I purchased the pdf version of 'Photographer's Guide to the Panasonic Lumix LX5' the other night and hope to be able to read it this coming weekend.

Based on some forum searches and suggestions,for this first outing I had the settings on P now for ( i have not set any custom yet and shooting JPG + Raw)

Film - Standard
Contrast +1
Sharpness +1
Saturation -1
Noise Reduction -1
ISO - Auto
ISO limit 800

We were inside a restaurant on a very overcast day - shooting mostly in P I guess I am very shaky because I have a bunch of blurry shots, seem a little yellow maybe to me

A bit frustrated - I guess I really needed a faster shutter speed, was my only option at this point to increase ISO? (aside from using flash)

I thought I was starting to understand how to get a good exposure from practicing with my canon 300D and a prime lens but I feel Im taking some steps back - perhaps Im expecting too much...

I certainly need to practice and play more

(shooting in raw also but only just thinking about starting any PP - should be getting a basic book soon and try a little with CS3)

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