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Re: Low-ISO banding -- IR examples continued II

I have shown examples from the 5D mkII in the previous thread based on test shots downloaded from Imaging Resource. I have also shown real world examples which show no real banding, but they do show noise when shadow areas are lifted to the extreme. Now in this thread I will show shadow areas from the same test shots and a crop including the darkest area and from different cameras. All are shot at base ISO (100 or 200) and the same crop is used without resizing (so it's 100% view) and using Lightroom 3.3.

The test shot is the following scene and in this case taken by the Nikon D3X

and histogram when blacks is set to zero (default at 5 will clip the blacks)

So we have deep shadows in this shot and completely blacks items like the cloth under the cup. This area has been selected for the crop

The parameters used in LR 3.3 are the following which are different from defaults: Exposure = +4, blacks = 0, sharpening radius=0.7. For each crop in addition the recovery slider is moved to 100 to tone down the highlights as this seems to disturb some in seeing the examples. Further the blacks level is set to either 1 or 2 for the different cameras such that after the +4 stops exposure the blacks are exactly hitting the left hand side of the histogram.

What can we see in these examples:

1) Using Lightroom 3.3 at default noise reduction values there is no visible color noise in any of these examples from any camera. There is luminance noise in all. The Pentax clearly holds it's own level in having a good low noise level and very good details. The D3X follows in my eyes followed by 1Ds mkIII, then 5D mkII and then A900. Of the crop cameras the D7000 has the lowest noise level and the details are not quite as good as the Canons. The 550D looks slightly better than the 60D and 7D in my eyes. The noise from the 500D looks tighter and more pleasant.

I see the 5D mkII coming out good in comparison in these crops and only slightly behind the 1Ds mkIII which again is only slightly behind the D3X if we look at details and noise. We need to remember that this area is lifted 4 stops which is very unusual in real photography, so actually with the technology of Lightroom version this comes out very good.

Canon 5D mkII

Nikon D3X

Canon 1Ds mkIII

Pentax 645D

Sony A900

Canon 1D mkIV

Canon 7D

Nikon D7000

Canon 60D

Canon 550D (Rebel T2i)

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