Disappointed a thread got deleted tonight.

Started Dec 12, 2010 | Discussions thread
bobn2 Forum Pro • Posts: 54,190
Re: A forum regular threw a tantrum over nothing (NT)

Triumph Steve wrote:

"jerk, ass, whiney, immature, crybaby" - just some of the nice comments that have recently been tossed my way by a few people here on this forum. Honda used to have a famous ad slogan back in the 1960s - "you meet the nicest people on a Honda". Would be great to have that on the Oly forum most of the time.

Fat chance of that - you meet the nastiest people on the Oly forum. Not many places would you find someone who creates accounts on porn sites in other peoples' name to discredit them, or people who lie about being a psychologist in order to increase the impact of their insults. Seems like the recent teleporting of a bunch of them to the Pentax forum came as a rude shock to the gentle folk there.

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