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buckshot wrote:

I am over 30.000 with mine. There are folks here that have 1,000,000's of images with time lapse photography. Check BobORama's posts

I checked it using the link in your second reply. I won't reply there since the thread is several months old, but Bob's claim that the S100 has a mechanical shutter is incorrect. The S100 can use its internal flash up to 1/2000th sec. (1/4000th sec. in Manual exposure mode), and the manual says that it can sync. with external flashes, also up to 1/4000th sec. As far as I'm aware, most cameras that have mechanical shutters sync at speeds of usually 1/250th sec. or slower. A few, such as the D50 and the D70 have a combined mechanical and CCD electronic shutter and can sync. with shutter speeds as fast as 1/500th sec. This is only possible because at fast shutter speeds the mechanical shutter stays open much longer than 1/500th sec, but its electronic shutter is able to operate at up to 1/500th sec. Newer CMOS sensors can't do this and are used not just for video. The CMOS sensor doesn't suffer from bright light blooming when shooting night scenes that can be a problem with CCD sensors. As far as I'm aware, newer Nikons only have mechanical shutters so they can't sych that quickly. From the D70 manual, page 99 :

Speeds faster than 1/ 500 s will be reduced to 1/ 500 s when built-in Speedlight is raised or optional Speedlight is attached and turned on.

When a dumb flash (not a Nikon Speedlight) is used with one of these models, or when a pin or two in the hot shoe is prevented from contacting a Speedlight's pins, others have reported that they're able to shoot at speeds faster than 1/500th sec. Because the mechanical focal plane shutter is used at a fairly slow speed even when fast shutter speeds are selected, it remains fully open during the shot. If it was used at faster speeds the way most DSLR are designed, it would become a moving slit, and the flash wouldn't illuminate the entire frame.

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