Poll suggests most people don't shoot video with DSLR after all, part deux

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I think he's proved he's not a business person...

shaocaholica wrote:

graphikal wrote:

Of course. If Canon had more engineering resources to devote to the rest of the camera, it would be identical in all those other respects. I see what you did there.

See, there are 2 assumptions that you're making with regards to opportunity costs.

1) The effort to develop video is equivalent to something else you'd actually want. Not just a boundless bottomless bucket of opportunity.

I've challenged him on that, before, along with a lot of the other anti-video zealots. Name the feature that's being "displaced" by video.

That gets no response but silence.

2) If those efforts were 'freed' up, the maker would actually use them for something else.

Exactly. Once you get past the point of picking up a buzzword or two, like "opportunity cost", then telling people to go Google it (because you can't actually understand it or defend it), you get into real business planning issues. (I've been pretty restrained with the OP. Despite the temptation to zing him back with "Google ROI", I've left him alone. Every now and then, I take the high road).

We have feature clinics for every single new feature being considered on a product (the automotive ones are frightening, a car may have 15,000 "features"). How much does it cost to develop, how much revenue will it bring in, what's the ROI.

Just because a large corporation has extra resources or has decided to no pursue something, doesn't mean it will necessarily manifest itself as something else. Cutting feature X does not guarantee you get feature Y to replace it. It does not guarantee the price will change.


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