Bringing a Camera in From the Cold (Condensation)

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Re: Bringing a Camera in From the Cold (Condensation)

RGBCMYK wrote:

A warm camera in a cold environment will not suffer condensation. A cold camera in a warm environment will!

While this is true, try shooting in a snowstorm when you have just removed your camera from the warmth of a house or a warm vehicle and you will see just how fast your lens will freeze over with a thin layer of ice. During winter shooting I typically leave my camera where it won't warm up. In a uninsulated garage or vehicle outside as long as the equipment is safe.

Can't say I've ever experienced a freezing over of my camera and I've shot in temps as cold as -45c!

However you bring up a good prevent image distortion from heat thermals avoid shooting warm cameras in cold keep your heat off in the car and cool your lenses down (removing camera batteries) ahead of your outing.

I've had lots of images ruined shooting a warm 600mm lens out of warm car in exteme cold.

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