I love my GF1 even more since I have a D700

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Re: I love my GF1 even more since I have a D700

marceloh wrote:
So... what's the final veredict?

iamatrix wrote:

I understand how you feel. I purchased an EP1 a year ago and loved it, but ended up going back to an SLR. The problem was the EP1 was very slow, the menu confusing and bad ergonomics. I switched back to a Nikon SLR, but really missed the m 4/3rds format. Recently I purchased the GF1 and found it good enough to sell my SLR and lenses.

For me personally, the GF1 is more than sufficient, however your mileage may vary. To me the DSLR is starting to become the cell phone from the late 80s: big, bulky and out of style, but again that's my 2 cents.

Coming from an SLR, the GF1 feels somewhat natural. Build, Design and Ergonomics are all top notch. Camera is actually comfortable in hand. Menu system is logical and the camera feels extremely snappy (as good as most DSLRs). Output is superb at low ISOs (and in terms of resolution is better than my former Nikon bodies). The 20 1.7 is stunning to say the least, wide-open it's as good as it gets. Manual focusing with an m/43rds camera is worlds better than using an SLR and an optical vf. The magnified view is exceptional and worlds better than the katz eye split prism I had on my D200.

Are there limitations, yes: Dynamic Range is not as rich as an SLR and of course noise is visible at higher ISOs, but these do not deter me, I find said issues a welcome challenge !

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