Winter in your town?

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Re: AGW?

PMJD42 wrote:

That was in the 1970's and yes it did happen. But these snow storms remind me of England back then.

Syria has just had its earliest start to snow in living memory. Norway has just had its coldest November in 200 years. Wales (UK) coldest November in 134 years, there was several inches of snow on Brighton (UK) beach last winter, Hastings this winter had snow on the beach. It is very unusual to have snow settle in coastal areas, at these latitudes, especially on a beach. These are just a few.

And to top it off, record cold in Cancun.

That's good news. All of the polar bears in the alarmist TV adverts can be relocated to Europe. And we can then open beach resorts in the Arctic. Sounds like a plan to me.
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