Replacement for A620

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Re: Replacement for A620

I was in precisely your position and decided to take advantage of the $399 price at Fry's for a G12. Quick impressions of the G12. It feels a bit larger than my A620 probably because the A620 is comparatively thin apart from its battery holder section. The G12 does still fit in the small case I used for the 620. The G12 articulating screen is a vast improvement over the tiny one on the A620. Using the A620 has made me appreciate the articulating screen so much that I really wouldn't consider a P&S without one. Haven't had a chance to compare images but I do like having the extra mechanical dials - call me old fashioned I guess. A little nervous about the battery (always had extra AA's around for the A620) but I expect spare battery will be an early addition. I don't see that a wrist strap is available for the camera but maybe I can get a universal one or take the one from an old Nikon digital I have kicking around. Anyway, I'm impressed so far and look forward to taking some great shots with this new toy.

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