Convince me to buy a DA*16-50 f/2.8

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Re: It depends

If you can get a decent copy then yes, it's a good lens.
That is the problem.... getting a good one.

My local camera store said the DA*16-50 was the most inconsistent lens they had ever sold.

Goods ones were excellent while the worst were abysmal mainly due to decentering issues

I have one myself.
Its already had a SDM replacement.

It's a little soft wide open, good from around F4 but still not in the same league as the FA Limiteds for sharpness.

The bokeh and color are good in the typical Pentax sense.

IMO these DA* lenses should not have these quality inconsistency's.

You are paying a premium for these lenses and they should have premium quality control.
Unfortunately they don't.

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