Panasonic G1 wins with Sony A55

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Re: Panasonic G1 wins with Sony A55

s_grins wrote:

zxaar wrote:

VisualFX wrote:

I agree. Now where are the DPR police when you need them? It is questionable whether he/she even owns a camera. No gallery, and he always conveniently ignores my questions about what camera he owns, if any.

Funny defense why anyone has to own a camera to make comment about it. do you own everything you talk about

Second point - buying something that you dislike is utterly stupid You may be that stupid but others are not. So the people who make negative comments about any camera are least likely to buy it.

You have made 2 great points. I agree that you do not have to buy G1 in order to criticize it. I also understand you do not have your own camera in order to make comment about it
So, what is the reason you are in here, M43 forum, NEX forum, SONY SLR forum?

there are many reasons i am here:

1. In 2005 i predicted that the future is mirrorless cameras. And thus i take interest in how mirrorless are doing/developing. It was the time most of people simply rubbished this idea. It feels good to be good at predicting how things will go.

2. I take interest in photography and thus do spend time seeing how photographic equipment is developing. It keeps me uptodate with things.

So, why should I waist my time?

If you are wasting your time then you are stupid. It is not my or anyone else's fault that you are stupid.

From now on you are on "ignore list". Buy, buy baby/

You talk as if you are some very important person and i will have a set back if you do not read what i have to write. GET OVER YOURSELF .

Your value is not even a dime in my eyes. In fact you and that 'tim in something' are two of the most stupid people i have met on these forums. And come to think of it you two are the only stupid people i can count on these dpr forums.

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::> I make spelling mistakes. May Dog forgive me for this.

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