All cameras frontfocus and backfocus !

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Flat view
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All cameras frontfocus and backfocus !

All cameras frontfocus and backfocus !
When cameras are produced all of them they are produced to a certain tolerance
all goods are ..........some are built to lower tolerances some to higher....
that also shows in the price of goods.
When you assemble a lens in the end its a sum of all lens manufacturing
and the whole component is the sum of the underlying components.

On top of that the tolerances of the mount. without tolerances you wouldnt be able to mount the lens it wouldnt turn.

Sometimes the sum of things go into one direction sometimes into the negative direction sometimes they extinct each other.
To make things even more complicated its also a question of temperature and

the use of the goods. If a lens is big and has a long focal length the temperature problem is larger then on smaller lenses. Also if you knock a camera against
something that could even cause a shift.....
Everyone who knows a little about physics knows that measuring is comparing.
A lot of meters have a tablet that show a compensation tablet.
The microadjustment of the D7000 or any other higher range product..
lets you compensate for these troubles.........
Its not a flaw of the product its a normal chain of sum of tollerances........
boils down to luck realy.....
If you want to be spot on with your focus use manual and live view with
highest magnification and focus on the sensor.
The new generation cameras have a better live view and are better suited for
that purpose (D7000)

Flat view
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