"Brandbashing" - the truth

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"Brandbashing" - the truth

I'm not not normally compelled to deal with trolls in a seperate thread but when someone highjacks one of my posts and repeatedly lies about me and my opinion then I will make an exception.

In a recent thread entitled "The grass isn't alway greener" I explained my recent experience trying out a Pentax K-x and it's kit lenses. I stated both positive and negative things about the brand. Now I will re-iterate the positives in bold as some people obviously didn't understand or can't read.

Pentax make very nice camera's and excellent prime lenses, I have bought a Pentax K-x for this very reason. The K-x is a great little camera which has excellent high ISO performance, I am very impressed with it so far. Are we clear on that?

What I wasn't impressed with was the 18-55mm 4-5.6 kit lens. This lens has had very good reviews and Pentax user speak highly of it. I took some test shots using this kit lens and was extremely disappointed with the results. With that in mind I then investigated other Zoom options for Pentax. I read reviews, looked at many 100% crops and read many varied user opinions on Pentax and 3rd party zoom options.

I came to the conclusion that Zooms for Pentax are not great. There are some reasonable zooms but they are over-priced and inconsistent in performance and reliability. The only lens that I specifically singled out as very poor is the kit lens. I'll repeat, I said the kit lens blows, because I think it does. I did not say that every zoom lens with a Pentax mount blows. Some are better but in almost all cases they need to be stopped down, sometimes as far as F8. This is not great for a zoom IMHO.

Now, to respond to Messrs Newman, Green, Olyflyer and all the other members of our delightful little posse of self righteous evangelists, I have taken some test shots, as I said I would, to show why the 18-55mm DAL "blows".

I fully appreciate that they won't be able to help themselves from trying to destroy my methodology and dispute my findings, but I'll let other more rational people make their own minds up.

So, I shot several exposures at 18mm, at F3.5, F5.6 and F8 with the 18mm and another two exposures at 55mm at F5.6and F8. This was on a tripod, SR off, jpeg, sharpening set to +2 (the recommended setting for this camera). Now I don't have the Zuiko 14.42mm anymore and it would be pointless comparing it to the 12.60mm, for obvious reasons. The best I could think of was comparing it at the long end with the little Zuiko 40-150mm F4-5.6 at 40mm. This is the weakest spot for this particular lens. I used the 40-150mm on the EPL-1, Jpeg, IS off, sharpening set to -1. Now please also bear in mind that DPR themselves state that the K-x is a strong jpeg shooter with little to be gained shooting in raw. I had to shoot in jpeg to display the results here so that is why I used it. I think you will understand that not shooting in raw will not skew the results here when you see them.

In the next post I will put 100% shots so if you are not on broadband I would avoid opening it. I will also post further shots in a third post for more evidence of what I have seen. Now anyone can make up there own mind when they have seen these shots. I love my little K-x and am looking forward to getting some more Pentax lenses in the future but this 18-55mm, IMHO, is not a good lens, see for yourself.

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