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Re: Forgot to mention the battery

So you went from a D300 to a D5000 and never owned a D90? Yeah, that'd be quite a change fo' sho'.

I own two D90s and two D40s. I'm selling one D90 and have a D5000 coming via The Brown Santa and fully know what I'm getting into. I'm going to get decent money for my D90 body now and in a few years if I feel the need to "upgrade" I'll get a D7000.

Funny, people rag on the viewfinder on the D5000. If it's as good as the one on my D40 that'd be just great.

goldenpiggy wrote:

In my usage, the battery on the D5000 lasted about half as long as on the D300 (and I assume half as long as D90 as D90/D300 both use the same battery.) Maybe it's because I'm always going to the LCD to change settings versus looking at the top LCD/using dedicated buttons on the D300. Also the D5000 battery has less wattage. This may or may not be important to you.

$140...just skip Starbucks for a couple of months and you're there!

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