Wedding upselling vs crass commercialism?

Started Nov 4, 2002 | Discussions thread
Ellery Potash Senior Member • Posts: 1,410
The origin of "crass"

Just thought that some of you may be interested in the origin of the word "crass":

In ancient Rome, Crassius was the founder of the first organized Fire Department; a private enterprise, for which he will be long remembered. When a house caught fire, Crassious and his Firemen would arrive at the scene with their water trough, buckets and fire fighting tools. He would then begin to negotiate with the owner, to purchase the property for 50% of it's market value. If the owner refused to sell, Crassius let the house burn. As the fire continued to spread, Crassius lowered the bid to 40%, 30%, 20% of the market value. The owner, realizing that the fire would eventually deplete the value of his property to zero would quickly agree to sell it to Crassius. Crassius became one of the biggest real estate barrons in Rome.

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